September 15, 2005

A load of Hay

Since we have six Sheep and Goats, we have to provide food for them over the winter when the pastures are not producing.

Figuring that we needed about one ton of Hay, we found a local farmer who was selling it (very nice too with lots of Clover — the extra protein will help the Cashmere fur develop!).

At 40 pounds per bale, getting the 50 bales home was a bit of fun:

Click for full-size Image

We made it home safe and sound, driving at 30 MPH on back-country roads and pulling over whenever there was more than a car or two behind us. Took us just under one hour to get to the Hay, took us over two hours to get home.

Now, we have to find a source for straw for bedding…

Posted by DaveH at September 15, 2005 10:10 PM