August 09, 2005

The $1,000 Duck Egg

We got our first Duck Egg yesterday.
Ducks start laying a lot sooner than Chickens or Guinea Fowl.

Given the cost of all the coops (about $300 materials each) and the feed and initial purchase price, we figure that this one cost us about an even thousand dollars.

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All of the succeeding eggs will, of course, be a lot cheaper but this one really set us back a bit.
It was very tasty! More flavor than any store-bought egg and the yoke was a deep rich orange color.

The nutritional value is not to be sneezed at… Mother Earth News just finished a testing of their free-range flocks and compared the data with the USDA analysis for Supermarket Eggs. Their chart makes the differences very clear:

Click for full-size Image

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