August 01, 2005

Guinea update

Jen left a comment on the previous entry about our Guinea's first day out:

Well, “not the most intelligent of God’s creatures” is an understatement. We're talking about a bunch of critters who wandered around thirsty for 3 days after I put their waterer on a piece of plywood to keep the water clean - I didn't change the physical location of the waterer at all, just elevated it 1/4 inch.

Not a single one of them returned to the snug, safe coop tonight. Hopefully, they've found safe trees to roost in…

Well, we woke to an ungodly racket this morning at sunrise. A number of them had found roosting perches in a large tree near our house. At breakfast, there were about a dozen of them milling around the driveway and while I was working on some computer stuff, I heard them outside my studio. Here is a group of 16 and there were a few others nearby:

Click for full-size Image

Click for full-size Image

They are eating bugs and grass seeds. Go Guineas!

Our ducks patrol the garden and it has been wonderful this year with very minimal loss to slugs or other insects. Perfect lettuce leaves.

Posted by DaveH at August 1, 2005 05:27 PM