July 31, 2005

Our Guinea Fowl - Freedom at Last!

One of the birds that we have are Guinea Fowl (here). These live in a coop in the Orchard and will be used for bug patrol. They are not the most intelligent of God's creatures. With the Chickens and the Ducks, you kept them in the coop for about a week, they got to realizing that that was “home” and they always returned to the coop to bed down for the night.

With Guinea Fowl, it takes six weeks.

Jen and I are in their coop twice a day bringing in fresh water and feed and they still run in panic from us.

As I said, not that bright…

Well, today was the end of week six so we decided to set them loose and see what happens — here are the photos:

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We opened the window on the side of their coop to let them out and they just stayed inside. The window is up high to prevent predators from entering. Jen finally went inside to chase them out through the door.

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At last, they make a run for it…

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Only to stand around wondering what this place is and what to do. The eventually scattered — many of them flew into the woods, some of them are hanging out near the buildings. It will be interesting to see how many of them return this evening. As I said, they are not that smart but instinct is a powerful motivator. They have been living in the coop for six weeks and that is where their food and water are.

Posted by DaveH at July 31, 2005 01:22 PM | TrackBack

Well, "not the most intelligent of Godís creatures" is an understatement. We're talking about a bunch of critters who wandered around thirsty for 3 days after I put their waterer on a piece of plywood to keep the water clean - I didn't change the physical location of the waterer at all, just elevated it 1/4 inch.

Not a single one of them returned to the snug, safe coop tonight. Hopefully, they've found safe trees to roost in...

Posted by: Jen Halliday at July 31, 2005 11:35 PM