July 19, 2005

A busy few weeks...

We have been having a few very busy weeks hence the dearth of new entries here…

Two weekends ago, we went to several of the seasonal fairs in our area. One Saturday, there were four that we visited. Here are some photographs:

First off was the Hills to Mills Festival — this is held at the same venue as the Deming Logging Show. This place also serves as a Logging Museum and has a number of artifacts of early logging technology such as this one:

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Chainsaw Carving was one of the featured exhibits and there was some excellent work. Lots of Bears but this Gryphon caught my eye:

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We then went to the town of Everson for their festival. Not much to photograph there — a bunch of booths with people selling things and a few concession stands. Lots of clusters of people talking so it was definitely a very close community. Small-town America — very cool!

We then drove to the Lumi Island Ferry dock and walked onto this delightful boat:

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After a 20 minute ride, we docked and the shuttle bus took us to this Lavender farm:

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You could pick bundles of Lavender for $5, there were some booths with other craftspeople selling their wares (generally garden stuff, soaps and herbals). A wonderful walk through the lavender fields and the view didn't hurt either…

We went into Bellingham for a bite to eat and then finished off our day with the Sumas Bull-o-Rama. This event raises money for the Sumas Rodeo later in the season. Well attended (several thousand people in the stands) and lots of fun to be had. Very much a family event:

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The main event was Bull Riding:

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The kids got into the act too with Mutton Busting:

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All in all, a wonderful day off.

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