June 12, 2005

Deming Logging Show

One of the main industries up here is logging. This is a very rewarding work (more on this later) but it is very dangerous and people can get severely injured. Every year, there is a logging show for the benefit of Busted-Up Loggers. Jen and I went to The Deming Logging Show this year and it was a lot of fun. (Deming, WA is a small town about 15 miles from where we live)
Here are some pictures:

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There were many events — the first one was judging loads of timber when on the truck. These were the three winners.

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The events are based on actual work done in the field. This one is tree climbing. The spars are 95 feet tall — this guy was competing with another person (didn't get the names). What is fun is that these are the fastest two people in the world. The winner in today's event was able to climb to the top of the 95 foot spar and return to the ground in under twenty seconds… These people are in shape.

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It takes these people about 30 seconds (if that) to chop through a 14” log with a broadaxe.

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This event was double-bucking — two people on a crosscut saw.

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Another event is the Iron Man tournament — you need to do several things, set a choker, buck a log, chainsaw through another log. You signal that you are done by taking a nice refreshing dip in the pool.

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The pool is also used for another event — here is the Junior-Class Log Rolling. The guy on the left is not having a good day…

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The last event of the day was my favorite — the Hot Saws.
These are Unlimited Class Chainsaws — the engines for them come from trucks and motorcycles (there were two Harley saws there). The primary rule for this event is that you can bring anything you want, it just has to be hand-carried and operated by two people. Lots of noise, sawdust and fun.

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Of course, Binford Tools was well represented in this category.

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Gitter Done was another contender. They are sawing a 30 inch diameter log and the winner did it in 1.6 SECONDS!

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There were a lot of exhibits as well — gotta have the chainsaw bears!

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A lot of people brought antique equipment that they had restored into working and like-new condition. This is a drag saw — an early automated log bucker.

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This Truck was originally built in 1914 and gorgeously restored.

This is just a small taste of what is available at the show.
We will be back next year.

At the beginning of this post, I said:
This is a very rewarding work (more on this later) but it is very dangerous and people can get severely injured.
What Jen and I noticed was that there were a lot of family members there. In the competitions you would see a Grandfather, Father and Son competing in different events. Wifes and girlfriends were also competing in mixed and womens competitions. It says a lot about a business that a kid grows up seeing what Daddy and Mommy do and likes it so much that they want to do it themselves.
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