May 11, 2005

Spring had sprung and we are busy!

The spring season has hit and all the tasks we have been putting off because of winter are now clamoring for Jen's and my attention.

Spent today finishing off a nice fence going around our garden. We had a good crop of veggies and berries last year but the dogs enjoyed them as well — this year its ours and ours alone. This will also keep the ducks corralled so they can keep to their job of garden bug patrol.

Yesterday, we were finally able to pick up our new Goat. She is only three months old and the breeder wanted her to remain with her pack to get properly socialized. She is another Cashmere (for fiber) and is a real sweetheart. Named her Esmeralda after the Sea Lion in the Disney adaptation of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

It turns out that we are not the only ones to consider her a sweetheart. Our little whether Oreo went into full-on rutting mode when we introduced the two. At first he was just playing a bit but he started scenting himself and acting the way that Billy Goats act when they smell a Doe in heat. Oreo was supposed to be fixed by the breeder but he is headed into the vet tomorrow to see if something was missed…

I'll have some more pictures in a day or two.

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