April 11, 2005

The Press comes home

Finally, our new (to us) Apple Press arrives in Maple Falls. Here are some photos of the unloading:

Here is the conveyor system — the hopper on the left will take a full 40 pound bushel box of Apples and deliver them at a steady pace to the grinder at the top of the press.

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Our foreman for this job is Sascha. Here she is checking my rigging as I start to pull the press from the trailer.

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The press is almost out of the trailer. I will jack up the left end with two floor jacks and then drive the trailer out from under.

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Here is the press supported by the floor jacks.

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Now I lower the left end and come around with the tractor to support the right end. The right end is by far the heavier since it has the hydraulic system at the bottom (just visible). I will lift from that end to move it.

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Guiding the forks under the right end. Have to be careful since the hydraulic reservoir and pump are there (plus the wiring and the plumbing).

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A carefully placed chain and up we go. Physics at work…

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Off to the barn for six months or so.

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I want to rebuild some parts of the press. Normal cleaning solutions got into some of the wiring and caused corrosion. The boxes are plash-proof but not OK for direct pressure washing. These will be rewired and replaced. I also want to add a couple “kill” buttons around the unit since Jen and I will be operating this by ourselves.

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