April 11, 2005

More Critters

While I was down in Fresno picking up the cider press (photos of that trip will be posted later today), Jen walked into our local Feed Store and ten ducklings followed her home.

Our downstairs bathroom has been turned into the Maple Falls Institute for the Study of Advanced Cuteness…

Here they are in their brooder:

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Here is an overview of their brooder showing the heat lamp. During the first few weeks, they need to be kept at around 90 degrees Fahrenheit or they will chill and become sick.

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And of course, they outgrew the brooder after a few days. Fortunately, we have two full bathrooms in the house so they took up residency in the lower bath tub.

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After a week, Jen took them outside for their first walk. We had them out again today and they loved the fresh grass and all the bugs.

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This week will be spent building an outdoor pen for them. It will be a six by eight foot house with a four by eight outside run enclosed in chicken wire. This will be built on skids so that it can be moved from place to place in our garden. Death to bugs!!!

We get more birds in a few weeks — Chickens and Guinea Foul (these will roost in the orchard and catch flying insects there)

Posted by DaveH at April 11, 2005 03:33 PM | TrackBack

I should mention that the shower curtain you see in the photos right next to the heat lamp was removed shortly after the photos were taken. I realized just how stupid that was before any fires were started. Thankfully.

Posted by: Jen Halliday at April 12, 2005 09:53 PM

i have a baby duck to i am 14

Posted by: amber at June 21, 2005 05:57 AM

Its my birthday soon and i'm begging to have 2 ducks. My hope is for one day i can call them Partick and Norman, and walk them around my nearby park for exersize.
Your pictures have given me great ideas for how to look after them. thanks!

Posted by: Amy at August 10, 2005 05:08 PM