April 15, 2005

Groggy Doggy

The Dog featured at the top of our website is Ptarmigan — she is a German Short-Hair Pointer, about two years old. That breed is known for a long puppyhood, generally not settling down until three or four years of age. Sweet love of a dog but sometimes she gets into her own brand of trouble. Like today.

She likes to chew on soft things that smell like us. Usually this is clothing (especially shoes) but today was different.

It was raining today, Jen was working in the Orchard planting some more trees (we got a shipment of new trees from Cummins Nursery (great trees, great people to deal with)), I was working in the studio on some final tax stuff so they were inside the house. I had kegged the batches of Cider, Mead , Melomel and Cyser that I wrote about here and the Sweet Mead was sitting in the garage to keep at British Cellar Temperature and under slight carbonation. I had a dispensing tap on it.

Ptarmigan found the tap, decided that it tasted nice and sweet and also smelled like us so she tucked in for a nice chew. As she started chewing, Sweet Mead started flowing (I found a good sized puddle on the floor and we lost a couple pints all told). She had a snoot-full of stuff that was about 10% Alcohol. Jen found her upstairs in the bedroom curled up and shivering (she was also outside in 40 degree rain for a bit and had gotten very wet). Jen moved her over to her dog bed and bundled her up in a blanket.

Ptarmigan slept for a couple hours, came downstairs, barfed and said hi to us while we had dinner. She is back asleep again.

The incriminating evidence that the puddle on the floor was not just a leaky tap:

Click for full-size Image

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