April 26, 2005

Apple Blossoms

It seems that I have been writing about everything except Apples lately. Ducks, Critters, Tanks, Presses, etc…

That is because it has been Winter and Spring is now breaking.

We live close to the Canadian border and between two large mountains aligned North to South. The plus side is that the mountains serve to moderate our weather quite a bit — we do not have the intense winds and storms that people 30 miles away from us have (including a small tornado two years ago). The downside is that our season starts later.

Things have been pushing in the last month but we finally have a good set of blossoms starting to form on our apple trees. Here are a few photos:

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This is one of the trees that were originally on the property — over ten old and no maintenance had been done. Jen went in with a vengeance and pruned earlier this spring. The crop from these trees will be a lot less this year but they will come back healthier next year. This particular one (a Stayman) is really tasty so we will be grafting buds from this tree onto new rootstock.

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Here is one of our one-year old trees. It is a Dabinett (a Cider Variety) on Bud 9 rootstock. We are trying a number of different varieties on different rootstocks to see what grows the best in our area.

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Finally, this is what a fully producing Apple Orchard looks like.
This is what our place will look like in a few years!

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