March 07, 2005

We have tanks!

We get a local Agricultural newspaper called the Capital Press. Last Friday I was reading that weeks copy and noticed this classified ad:


A good price and located close to our farm. Gave the guy a call, went to look at it today and Brown Snout Farm and Cidery is now the proud owner of a second 2,000 gallon tank.

Here are some pictures at the guy's farm — he got out of the dairy business four years ago and is now doing Real Estate as well as raising trees for stream and salmon recovery and doing a bit of organic produce growing.

Here are some pictures:

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Here is the tank from the inside.

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Here is the compressor for the refrigeration unit.

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Here is the tank from the outside.

It will be interesting getting it out of there — the wall the tank penetrates is just plywood sheeting but the tank itself weighs a lot and it will take a bit of jockeying. The cows are milked inside this building and the truck drains the tank from the outside to take to the main processing plant.

There is a fair bit of rust on the compressor — I'll have a dairy refrigeration person look at it and see if it needs to be replaced. Should be OK though, some scrubbing, a touch of the sandblaster here and there and a coat of fresh paint will go a long way.

Not shown is the unit that automatically cycles through the detergent and sanitizing agent for cleaning. This system is automatic, set the dial and go do something else for an hour.

Having the second tank of this size will mean that we can turn out product faster. Some Cideries will add sugar and apple concentrate to raise the overall sugar level to twice what is normally found in Apple Juice. This allows them to use a hot fast fermentation. They then dilute their product 50% and adjust the flavor with caramel, malic acid and tannins. Even though we will be using concentrate, we will be starting with a single-strength juice and will do slow and cool fermentation letting the flavors develop as much as possible. We will also be getting crab apples from local growers and blending these with our juice to add more flavor without having to resort to “single note” additives.

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Enjoy checking in on what you do. I have a friend that I help out with cider ( he built his own press from scratch), he adds quinces ( sp? ). This makes an interesting flavor.

Posted by: Michael at March 9, 2005 07:50 AM