March 23, 2005

One down, one more to go

Spent today working with the good folks at Whatcom Refrigeration to move the larger of the two tanks we recently bought.

This unit is the 2,000 Gallon unit — the owner got out of dairy and is now doing organic produce and trees. I wrote about him here.

After this, we then went over to the farm nearby where the third tank is (wrote about that one here) and they pumped the freon out of the unit and disconnected the compressor.

Here are some photos:

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The crew showed up promptly at 8:30. Lots of cool toys in those trucks!

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I have been involved in moving several large pieces of machinery and there is always a 30-minute looking, scratching the head, muttering, planning stage. The tank is a tight fit so several strategies are being tossed around.

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Here is Farmer Bob — he is the owner of this farm and was the person who sold me the tank. We used his large tractor to move the tank.

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A perfect extraction — Ladies and Gentlemen, the Tank has Left the Building!

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I put the forks on our tractor Buttercup to move the refrigeration compressors. Those things are heavy (about 200 pounds)

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Here sits the tank in its temporary home. When the Cidery is built this summer, all three tanks will be installed as the building is being built. I will have Whatcom Refrigeration come out and get them running again at that time.

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