February 12, 2005

Our Products

There was a question raised by an earlier entry — the one discussing our use of Apple Juice Concentrate.

The Concentrate will be used in one and only one of our products.
This is the “farm cider” which will be sold in Kegs and Mini-Kegs.

Our trees will be coming into full production in three years and when they do, we will be offering varietal ciders made from 100% apples grown in our own orchard. We will continue to make the Cider from concentrate (there is a large market for this) but the two products will not mix.

Our Mead production will start this Spring when the fresh local Honey becomes available. Mead takes about six months to make so sales will begin in Fall.

A word about the Mini-Kegs:

These are pretty slick — they hold 2.5 Gallons, fit into a standard refrigerator and are reusable. There is a food-grade bag inside that holds the Cider. There is an “activation pouch” that fits between the outside of this bag and the inside of the bottle and this provides constant pressure to maintain carbonation and dispense the product. When the keg is returned, the bag and pouch are discarded and the rest of the Keg can be reused.


What got me thinking about these is that we are on the road leading to a major camping and recreational area and also two miles away from the road leading to the Mt. Baker Ski Resort. Skiers will get a group of friends together to rent a cottage and what could be more refreshing after a day on the slopes than a nice glass or two of hand-made Cider. We plan to provide this to them…

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