February 02, 2005

New links added / one changed

I have added a few new links under the Cider Links section at the lower right of this page.
They are all from England. Added are:

Marcher Apple Network
The Real Cider and Perry Page
National Association of Cider Makers (U.K.)
Peter Mitchell Food and Drink (Cider classes)

The Marcher site represents the work of about 300 apple and pear enthusiasts who work to revive old varieties of apples and pears in the Southern Welsh Marches in England.

The Real Cider and Perry website was first developed in 1990 by Gillian Grafton (last update 6 May 1996) and was taken over in 2003 by Paul Gunningham who is the present editor.

The National Association of Cider Makers is a commercial association of the large UK Cider Makers — some interesting photographs and information.

Peter Mitchell is the main person for teaching people how to go into Cider production. He comes over to this part of the planet (Mt. Vernon) twice a year and teaches some fantastic classes. Jen and I have each taken one of his classes and look forward to more.

The link that changed was the one for the Long Ashton Research Station.
They closed and their facilities were absorbed into Rothamsted Research Centre.
The link now points to Rothamsted.

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