February 17, 2005

Last few days

I have not posted anything for a few days. Here is why:

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Jen and I took delivery of three cords of firewood. (A Cord is a volumetric measure for wood - 128 Cubic Feet or a box four by four by eight feet.) I took the picture above after we had stacked about half of it. This is green wood, still heavy and full of sap so it will not be used this winter but will be perfect for next winter's heating. Only problem is that Self-Stacking firewood has not been invented. If there was ever a case for Genetic Modification, this is it.

The weather was nice yesterday and today so Jen and I took the time off from our other projects:

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Finally, we were done — here is next years heat. We also have ten acres of timber and are having someone come in to thin it this spring. We will be getting a couple more cords out of that too so we will be nice and snug inside.

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And of course we took a break and played the rural version of a classic video game:

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