February 09, 2005

Growing apple trees

It was perfect conditions today to spray dormant oil and Bordeaux on our trees.

The Bordeaux is a mix of Lime and Copper Sulphate which help to knock out any fungal infections that are trying to overwinter. The oil helps the Bordeaux to stick and smothers any insect eggs that happen to be on the trees. These two treatments are essential and fall within Organic Management techniques.

Our spray rig is is a bit improvised but it offers pin-point spray control with minimal overshoot and waste:

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Closeup of the sprayer itself. You are looking at a 14 gallon polyethylene tank with a marine-grade pump mounted on top. It is powered by the car battery. The pump was originally designed to pump potable water in boats and has a built-in pressure sensor and it shuts off when you are not using it. High reliability, great pressure and very easy to maintain and repair. Cheap too…

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Here's me spraying all sorts of fun stuff…

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The day was dead still, dry and fairly warm so it was perfect for spraying. This is about the only treatment these trees will get except for fertilization (compost) and mulching (more compost).

Posted by DaveH at February 9, 2005 10:04 PM