February 11, 2005

Apple Juice Concentrate

Also today, we received some samples of Apple Juice Concentrate from Tree Top. I know that for some Cider Makers, this is tantamount to admitting that you like to smash small fuzzy bunnies with a mallet but we will be making a variety of Cider with this. This will be coming out this fall (if we get our licensing approved by then) and the product will be sold in Kegs to restaurants and taverns. We will also offer reusable 2.5 Gallon portable kegs with carbonation for people to take home.

It is going to be another three years before our own 140 trees start producing fruit in any appreciable quantity and we need to get something on the market now. The other commercial Cider Companies (Spire etc…) brew this way too but they generally brew at double strength and high temperature to turn out lots of product fast. We will be brewing as though it was real juice — slow cool fermentation and standard strength — so our product will come out tasting a lot better. The concentrate comes from Washington grown apples so this gives it a regional appeal.

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Click for full-sized Image

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