January 26, 2005

New at the Farm

Took delivery of a 40' long cargo container this morning. We are building a new building for our Cidery but with all the permitting processes and such, we will not be ready for occupancy until fairly late this year. I want to start brewing sooner and one way to do this was to build another building. (State and Federal laws prohibit you from running a commercial alcohol operation from your house — it has to be a separate lockable structure)

I could have put up something like this very quickly but the cost with cement foundation is around $12K — I can buy a lot of apples for $12K.


Turns out, I could get a retired sea-box for $2,300 delivery included. Took about ten seconds to make that decision. I was able to visit the lot and pick out the one I wanted. These are 40*8*8 in size and will give me 320 sq. ft. of weather-tight lockable space.

I will be walling off the last 16 feet and insulate it for use as a fermentation room (need to keep the temperature regulated fairly well) and the rest of the place will be product and supply storage, yeast lab and work area.

When the Cidery is finished, everything will be moved out and this will then become our distillery — we cannot have the Cidery and the Distillery in the same building and I will be able to use the insulated space for product storage.

Here are some photos - click on them to see the full-size Image:


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