January 13, 2005

Honey Supplier

We are planning several products beyond our initial keg cider. These are Honey mixed with Cider to make Cyser, Mead (Honey by itself) and Melomel (Honey mixed with fruit - berries in our case). These will be a bit more alcohol (more like a wine than the Cider) and will be sold in bottles in 2006.

Yesterday, I was running errands in Bellingham and following up on a roadside sign I had seen, I had the pleasure to meet Jerry Guilmette, owner of Busy Bees.


(Click for full size image)

He runs several hundred hives and follows the seasons, starting with the California Almond crop and moving back home in June and July. I will be getting Nooksack Valley Blackberry and Raspberry honey from him as well as some other local vendors. I bought eight gallons of the Raspberry yesterday when I was visiting his facility and it is gorgeous stuff - I'll be using this batch to test different yeasts and production methods for our Cyser and Mead but several pints will be re-directed to culinary use. This stuff is good!

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