January 04, 2005

Home again!!!

Arrived home last evening. It was a good trip but it is wonderful to get back home again. Missed our critters…

We managed to come home with some cool toys.

Jen weaves and this store Robin and Russ was having a huge inventory reduction sale so we came home with a few bags of yarn…

(The images in this entry are all thumbnails - click on the image to see them full-sized)


I bought an Apple Coder Grinder and Press.

Here is the Conveyor - it takes a full 40-pound box of apples and moves them up to the grinder:


Here is the Grinder and the Press:


The top end of the Conveyor attaches to the Grinder at the top left of the Press. The Apple bits (called Pommace) fall down and go into a cheese-cloth bag resting on one of the white plastic boards. You fill it up to about 2” depth, fold the bag closed, lay another plastic board over the top and start again. This Press can take up to seven “cheeses” 22” by 22” in size. The previous owner was averaging about 500 gallons per day output.

The company that built this unit is still in business and parts for this are still available. Very cool!

I will be waiting a bit for the winter storms to subside and will take the truck down to California to pick it up. Things are coming together…

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