January 01, 2005

Coming to the end of our Christmas Visit

Jen and I have been in Central Valley California visiting with her family this Holiday season. We are planning to drive home tomorrow (January 2nd) and be back on our Farm Jan 4th if the passes cooperate.

Some great news — Jen's father knows a lot of people in this area and one of the people he works with on a regular basis was growing apples and selling sweet cider. Unfortunatly, the Odwalla e-Coli problems caused such a change in regulations and equipment requirements that he dropped out of the business a few years ago. He still had his apple grinder and press though and was looking for a good home for it. It now has one. I will be taking the truck down a bit later in the season to pick it up and we now have the backbone of our cider operation!

Santa was very generous this year!!!

Pictures will follow when we get back…

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