November 27, 2004

Winter Activities

Now that everything is going dormant for the season, life on the Farm shifts to inside activities.

Here is Jennifer weaving — these are clickable for a larger image:


Also, our permits have been applied for and are underway. We just got our Washington Liquor Control Board poster and have it displayed by our driveway. If any of our neighbors have cause to complain, now is the time to do so. Not a peep — I love living here…


Finally, the weather has been the usual November bluster. We had 4.5 inches of warm rain Thanksgiving day - couple of roads closed to to flooding, some washouts, etc… We then got a cold snap with some more precipitation last evening. This is Black Mountain today. Snow level is down to about 1,200 feet.


Finally, this is the view that greets us from our back porch — Mt. Baker


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