November 14, 2004


The last few months have been very very busy so I must apologize for the lack of posting.

I have some new material plus some changes to the website that will be slip-streamed in gradually over the next few weeks…

Some highlights:

Classes — Jen and I took the Cider Making class at the Western Washington Fruit Research Station in Mt. Vernon last spring. The two sessions were taught by Peter Mitchell. Peter is one of the United Kingdom's best known resources for Cider and Perry and to have him come over to our part of the USA was an honor and a treat. We learned a lot!

My Day Job — for several years, I had been employed by these people: The Glosten Associates. Wonderful place to work and in actuality, we were first looking for acreage across Puget Sound so that I could continue working there, commuting by ferry. When we found the place we have now, I gave them notice that I would be moving up full-time. The only hitch is that Glosten was moving five blocks to a new office having outgrown their old space (they are currently at around 60 people). The move was scheduled for June 12th so my last day was June 13th. I was one of the two IT people so needed to get my replacement up and running and do all of the infrastructure planning for the new space.

Crush Time — When we moved onto the property, there were already several mature Apple Trees. I spent this summer building a hydraulic press and with using a large household garbage disposal as a grinder, we were able to get close to 50 gallons of fresh juice. The press still needs to have a few kinks ironed out but the design is solid and we were able to get excellent extraction of juice. Te first day was very much of a Chinese Fire Drill but after a while, we got a good work-flow going and it went very smoothly. Having a decent (big) welder and a plasma cutter helped immeasurably.

These are just three of the things that have been happening lately. As I said, I have a few changes to make on the website design and some new content that will be going up over the next couple weeks.

We are now estimating to be in full production of our first product, the Farm Draft Cider (sold in kegs only) by Fall of 2005. The construction of our 2,400 Sq. Ft. Cidery and Tasting Room begins this early spring.

Check back every week or so for updates and photos!

Dave and Jen Halliday

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