May 02, 2004


That was the worst 'spell of weather' I have ever seen…

Tuesday, April 29th, we had a Puget Sound Convergence Zone.

This is when an upper air current gets split by the Olympic mountains, flows around them and converges in the back. In this case, the back was Whatcom county.

The storm was spectacular — lots of hail and thunder and high winds but the previous day was gorgeous and the following day was gorgeous as well.

During the worst of the downpour, Jen looked out onto the porch and saw a line-up of birds hanging out underneath the benches.

The trees are fine - no damage there.

What was damaged was a barn about 20 miles away in the community of Lynden. It was hit by the first recorded tornado in Whatcom county. An F-0, nothing on the Twister / F-5 scale (“We have cows”) but exciting nonetheless…

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