April 20, 2004

A busy few weeks...

As I had mentioned earlier, we ordered almost 200 trees from several different vendors. Well, they all came in within a few days of each other…

Jen spent a week getting them planted - pre-drilling the holes for them helped a lot but there was still a lot of spade-work that needed to be done because you do not want to crowd the young roots and some of the trees had a well-developed root system. I was up last weekend and helped a bit - the trees need to be supported so I bought a bunch of 20' pieces of 1/2” rebar and used an abrasive wheel on my chopsaw to cut them into 5' lengths. Drove Buttercup around the field delivering them.

Next project for me is finishing off the Electric Fence - we have a sizable deer population and this will be needed to prevent predation.

Jen's next project is getting the irrigation system installed. We have water rights for one of the streams that flows through the property - we will be using that plus our own well water for the irrigation. The land upstream from us is all Department of Natural Resources land so with the exception of occasional logging, there is nothing upstream that could cause problems.

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