March 08, 2004

Racking Cider

Jen and I spent these last two days in Seattle — some things had been deferred for too long so we had a working weekend.

All was not bad though for it was time to rack our Cider. We are making 50 gallons of Cider, Cyser and Mead — ten five gallon batches trying out various recipes and yeast cultures. These had all been made last fall, fermented and racked. Last evening, we transferred them from the glass carbouy secondary fermenters into five gallon stainless steel kegs.

We (of course) had to take a sample of each as it was siphoning off — there were a lot of differences but there was not a bad one in the bunch and some were really nice. This is without carbonation at cool room temperature (60 F) so it should taste even better when slightly carbonated and chilled.

The Cyser is an Apple Cider that has been fortified with Honey prior to fermentation. This boosts the available sugars (making for a higher alcohol content) as well as adding a delightful layer of complexity to the product. This will be like a good wine - not something to serve from a keg and quaffed but something to be served from a bottle and savored.

I will post some pictures of our kegs in a day or two.

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