March 01, 2004

Our Apples

This is an update to our earlier message about buying the 200 trees.

Because of our late order (another story I'll write about soon), we were only able to get 22 varieties, not 25. Here they are — note that some are specifically cider apples, some are eating apples, one (Isaac Newton's Tree) is an historical curiosity (the graft was taken from the tree at the house Isaac Newton was living in when he did his work on Gravity) and the Crabs are for pollination as well as cooking and cider juice.

We got 200 trees ordered — enough for about 1.5 acres — and this will form the basis for a ten acre orchard in a few years.

Ashmead's Kernal, Blue Pearmain, Brownsnout, Centenial Crab, Chestnut Crab Apple, Chisel Jersey, Cox's Orange Pippin, Dabinett, Esopus Spitzenburg, Foxwhelp, Honey Crisp, Honeybell, Hyslop Crab Apple, Isaac Newton's Tree, King David, Kingston Black, Knobbed Russet, Michelin, Roxbury Russet, Somerset Redstreak, Spur Winter Banana, Sweet 16 and Yarlington Mill

Posted by DaveH at March 1, 2004 08:38 PM | TrackBack

where are you at near mt.baker? i live on the hwy.when i finish this comming spring- 2005- i'll have 67 different apples. always looking for new ones.

Posted by: alan at September 21, 2004 01:11 PM