January 19, 2006

The Store is online (sorta kinda)

It is now 6:47PM and the store is now online with this caveat.

You cannot buy anything just yet. (ducking thrown objects)

I have started populating the products and will get PayPal configured later tonight but I'm hungry and Jen and I are going out for a quick dinner at a local restaurant.

So welcome aboard, kick the tires and let me know what you think.

The web design is barely out of the box, my priorities are as follows:
  1. Getting the database up and running
  2. Site Security
  3. Connecting to PayPal and Shipping Services
  4. Populating with Products
  5. Getting the rest of the site online (additional information, about us, etc…)
  6. Tweaking the look and feel.

Right now, I am at number two.

I will post updates here as they happen.

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Store news

Our Internet Service Provider's service is wretched today and I need to re-install some key parts of the store software. I tried taking a CD of the files to our local Library but the computers there are too locked down to be able to move files around.

Sometimes, being rural has its disadvantages with the only broadband option being a satellite dish.

The 6:00pm opening is going to be pushed back a bit.

I will post a notice here when we are live.

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January 18, 2006


Major things happening here. I'll be posting updates later but the key thing is that we will be offering for sale our Cider and Mead tomorrow (Thursday, January 19th, 2006) at our online store.

Jen will be selling her soap and lotions there; I'll be adding some products in a month or so.

Looking at being open for business at 6:00PM, 01-19-2006

The last four months have been full — I will write about them later now that Winter has settled her quiet mantle about this country and we can take a few steps back from the day to day necessities.

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