October 18, 2003


We are currently looking at buying a tractor - this will be the all-around workhorse.


We looked at both John Deere and Kubota - both have excellent products and service records. Kubota has been around for ever in the construction business and as they say: “Nothing runs like a Deere”

The Kubota came in about 10K less in price for the package we were looking at.
This was for a 45HP diesel, 4X drive, winterised with canopy over the cab, manual transmission (we both prefer this!) and a basic set of implements.

Beyond the price, the John Deere store was very new and bright and spiffy and the sales person was always saying that we were shopping now but when we wanted to make the 'deal' that they could do a 'really good price' and that we needed to decide fairly soon since their financing changes from time to time.

The Kubota store had a great cat living there, the dealership was a bit scruffy (ie: work was done there) and the guy we spoke with was basically, Yeah, here is the price for everything. Financing charges change twice/year. Come back and talk with me.

I would bet that if we went to the Deer dealership to buy, they would do the whole automotive BS - stay here for a moment, I need to clear this deal with my manager… Sheesh, if we wanted that experience, we would just buy a new car and not a tractor.

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October 01, 2003

Weather Station

Davis Instrument Company had an internet sale that I could not refuse…

They make weather instrumentation and were selling their agricultural station for 50% off. This unit will measure and record air temperature, solar radiation, rainfall, humidity, barometric pressure, soil temperature, leaf wetness and much much more.

Since a lot of Organic Pest Management depends on knowing the exact state of the climate, this will prove to be an invaluable tool at Black Mountain Cider.

The software that accompanies it also allows for publishing this data to a website to look forward to having the Maple Falls weather and webcam at some point in the future.

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